Briefing a designer

Once you have chosen Washhouse as your designers it is time for us to sit down and have a chat or brief us! A brief doesn’t need to look pretty but it does need to be informative. The main aim of a brief is help the designer understand what it is you want.


Do you already have one and is it a requirement that it stays as it is?

Brand guidelines

Are you reinventing yourself, updating or starting from scratch?

Have you seen things you like?

Let us have examples (can be just a list) of brands, fonts and colours. Things that float your boat. Equally important are there things you hate, sometimes we know what we don’t like more than what we do!

What is it you need?

Business cards, brochure, leaflet, advert, website. Consider carefully.

Images and text(copy)

If you are providing the images and text then let us have them before we start so we know how much room there is to play with.


This is always tricky as a client does not always want to reveal their budget in case they could get it cheaper. However it really does help us work to give you the best possible project for your money.

Here is what the Government has to say

Include the budget
“Telling your agency about the budget will help when discussing whats possible. Remember that you generally get what you pay for and if you artificially limit your budget you also limit what you’ll get from your designer.”

Timescale and deadline

We will need to consider a suitable time frame for the project.